The components of this 2016 action plan include:   1. Greater Understanding of Church Solemnities – Christian Family 2016           2. Lenten Day of Retreat 3. Completion of at least three community service projects 4. Implement the Reverence Component 5. Implement the Lay Ministry Program within the PNCC 6. Presentation to Diocesan Synods 7. Continue to utilize the PNCC Future Direction You Tube channel 8. Stewardship Component 9. Church wide survey   For 2016 – A Year of Reverence, if your parish has a mission committee, this group along with the parish committee should work to implement some of this plan.  If there is no mission committee, consider forming one to help in taking the message of the Gospel out into our local communities.  The parish committee should plan to spend some time at least quarterly to discuss the mission efforts of the parish and the implementation of this plan.  You may also want to set a budget for mission work within the parish to aid in these efforts.  Please know that every effort is being made to keep this as economical as possible.  To view the complete 2016 Action Plan - click here. Please work to implement the parts of this plan you are able to as we look forward to new and innovative ways of sharing the Gospel and presence of Christ with others through our Polish National Catholic Church.  If you are already doing some of these things, that is wonderful.  Try and add to them and if you need any assistance, please reach out to our committee.   Please feel free to contact our Future Direction committee at  should you have any questions, concerns or challenges with this plan.  Our committee is here to help you.   The Future Direction committee will continue working to develop and implement the work from the synod during 2016 and working up to our next General Synod in 2018.  You will continue to receive monthly updates on the 2016 Action Plan, the work of our committee and your feedback.   We will be starting in January with Reverence and Prayer and will be encouraging all our faithful to use their prayer books daily – prayer books are available from the PNCC Book Department through the Office of the Prime Bishop.   We continue to implement the five themes the Synod determined for our future direction: Growth and Membership                             Increase Spirituality Lifelong Learning Sacred Vocations Community Involvement and Presence   May God continue to bless this important work and may we be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we allow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to work through us in building His Kingdom.  We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.   Sincerely yours in Christ, PNCC Supreme Council Future Direction Committee Most Rev. Anthony A. Mikovsky Right Rev. Stanley M. Bilinski Jr. Right Rev. John E. Mack Right Rev. Bernard J. Nowicki Right Rev. Paul Sobiechowski Very Rev. Robert M. Nemkovich Jr., Chairman Diane Hollinsworth Dr. Shirley Mietlicki-Floyd Michael Mietlicki Kathryn Nemkovich George Urciuoli